Athens: your next wedding destination

Greece is undoubtedly chosen by many couples for its sunny beaches, the clear blue sea and the picturesque little white houses on the Greek islands as their ideal wedding or honeymoon destination. Our little piece of land at the Mediterranean is truly magnificent for your summer vacation; you might even think that we have eternal summer -something completely untrue, as Greece has more than 20 active ski centers during winter, stone villages hidden between high mountains to visit, and a very vivid capital which welcomes tourists all year long. But who would think of Athens as a wedding destination? Well, here is our inspirational blooming styled shoot in Athens that can certainly change your perspective!

Imagine a unique place within Athens' city web where tall trees lay their shadows and horses still gallop; The Queen's Tower, a 19th century imposing gothic-style tower that was built for Queen Amalia, situated within a green estate of 18 hectares of lush gardens, stables, and an organic vineyard, was the setting for our styled shoot. Talented vendors joined forces to make a dreamy scenery full of roses, pastel shades and purple butterflies, bringing back some "kings-and-queens-era" nostalgia.

The ceremony area was created in front of the Tower's west side and a modern two-piece arch, while the tables were placed under the trees and were filled with fresh flowers and fruit. Vintage pink color was the protagonist along with pastel shades of blue, purple, blush, and orange. The "prince" didn't arrive on a white horse but on a classic black Triumph instead, and the "princess" wore flowers all over her ultra-contemporary gown and shoes.

A boudoir photography session followed where everything was about the beauty in that whimsical wedding dress, the cascading flowers on the triple-layered cake, and the soft sunset colors that slowly filled the scenery with magic.

When the sun set and the candles on the table were lit, the atmosphere in the gardens truly reminded of a fairytale!

Did we convince you can have literally anything you can imagine on your wedding day in Greece? A magical scenery can be created even within the big city as long as you have love for each other and great vendors by your side. We'll make sure to be there for you and capture all the magic!

Special thanks to the coordinators Fabijan Vuksic, George Liopetas & You the Workshop.

Featured in Green Wedding Shoes Blog in February 2023.