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Capturing light, feelings &  moments and all the things in between people and life.

We are Constantinos & Marianna, a photography duo and couple in life, based in sunny Greece. Telling love stories in a natural, documentary-like way is what we strive to achieve through our photographs. For us capturing a couple's love story means so much more than posing in front of beautiful scenery; it means encapsulating the romance, joy, heartfelt moments, and tender connections that define a wedding day.

We have been together in life for over 10 years, and as partners since 2020; we complete one another and have fun together! Our initial studies were in accounting and literature, but after deciding to follow our purpose in life, we studied photography and event management respectively. One likes summer and beer, the other one winter and coffee; one is an introvert artist, and the other one is an extrovert multitasker (you'll immediately guess who is who once you meet us!) We both love traveling, art in all its forms, books, good food, and music. Octograph is our common way to express our creativity.

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Your wedding photographer is the person who will keep your most precious moments alive forever. It's essential to invest in someone who corresponds to your needs, and whose style you love. Choose wisely!

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