happy new year?

Whoever said "man plans, and God laughs" was so right, but definitely didn't have in mind the situation we've been going through for the last 3 months. We certainly didn't imagine launching our business and website under these circumstances... But here we are, alive and kicking (some coronavirus a**)! We hope that you are safe and sane too, even if you gained 2-3 kilos during the lockdown (at least WE did!), and even if your plans are postponed -we just hate the word "cancelled"!

As we tend to leave the black days behind us and reboot, we still need to be careful and not forget what quarantine taught us. Since I personally always try to see the silver lining of the cloud, I like to think of the pandemic as a teacher who taught us a great many lessons we wouldn't have taken otherwise; the whole planet got united in front of a common enemy, we came closer to each other despite the social distancing, we started appreciating the simple things in life like family time, and our true home, the Earth, managed to take a deep breath at last. So, 2020 maybe doesn't need to be deleted, as many have wished for; 2020 may have been the most important year in decades so far.

my moody quarantine

We went through many mood flactuations during quarantine: one day we felt super creative, next day we wouldn't get out of bed. One day we were filling our new website and Instagram with photos, the next we got discouraged from hearing about victims and unemployment all around the world. Our plans, like everyone else's, changed and we had to adjust to a new reality, both mentally/physically and business-wise.

Our mind was, and still is, with this year's wedding couples; we can imagine the frustration, especially that of the bride or the planner, who have been designing the perfect wedding day for a long time now. Nothing is impossible though, and your wedding is going to happen one way or another, simply because feelings don't just change or adjust, but they're only getting stronger. We were really inspired by the helpful and optimistic content that a lot of Greek wedding vendors kept posting for the soon-to-get-married couples and the wedding pros. We were also moved by the interest in our new attempt in the world of destination wedding photography shown on our Instagram profile. That definitely kept us going!

love is winning

One thing is for sure: love isn't cancelled or postponed. The circumstances made us come closer and unite, and we are much stronger, much wiser now. Your future husband/wife will stand by your side sooner or later to look you in the eye and say "I do". We are so happy to finally see that all vendors on our islands and mailand are more than ready to kick off the (delayed) summer season, while travel restrictions to our beautiful country are loosening up during June. So, good news: if you're still thinking about travelling to Greece to get married, there are plenty of islands and towns coronavirus-free, where you can elope. We'll make sure we give you some great ideas in our next posts.

This very first blog post needs to end with a positive message, and here it comes: obstacles come our way to learn from them and finally overcome them. It is a choice to be positive, to choose light instead of darkness. Keep those positive thoughts coming, focus in the future, in your wedding, in your loved ones, in whatever makes you happy, and we promise you that better days are coming. And we'll be there to take a few pictures!

words by Marion