More and more couples are considering eloping this wedding season, as the covid-19 pandemic won’t let us be back to normal yet in 2021. As big celebrations are prohibited in most countries (Greece included), an elopement is the safest way to go when it comes to a destination wedding. Elopement means no guests attending, and no guests mean no travel/accommodation arrangements for more than 2 people, so the couple is stress-free and can make arrangements at their own pace –or even be spontaneous and not organize anything! All it takes to elope is a celebrant, a photographer to capture everything, and your mad love for each other! The budget can be very low in comparison to a large-scale celebration, so nothing is stopping you from marrying even a month from now.

When it comes to Greece as a wedding destination, the choices are limitless. From sunny beaches on a Greek island to picturesque mountain villages, Greece's beauties offer the perfect background for the most stunning wedding photos. We’ve gathered for you the best places to elope in our magnificent little country, so keep reading and click on each photo to visit the place it shows!


Santorini & Mykonos

The main Aegean island group is the Cyclades, part of which are the famous islands of Mykonos and Santorini. If you are a fan of these two unique –but crowded- islands, there are so many venues and beautiful spots where you could elope. Even though hiring a wedding planner is not mandatory, they could offer valuable help to locate the perfect place for your elopement, away from the prying tourist eyes.

As wedding photographers, we would suggest a few alternative choices: the Skaros Rock and the traditional Pyrgos village in Santorini offer a more intimate look at the island’s history, while Panaghia Paraportiani church and Armenistis Lighthouse in Mykonos will offer to wanderers the excitement of discovery. If you’d love to elope in front of spectacular views and one of the world’s famous sunsets, get inspired by our last Santorini elopement photo shooting (see it here)!

Tzia (Kea)




Hidden gems of the Aegean

In case you’re looking for something more intimate and less touristic, we would suggest going for Folegandros and the church of Panaghia on top of the island, Paros and Ai Yannis Detis Monastery, Kythnos and its famous Kolona beach, Tzia (Kea) and its lovely capital, Ioulida.

Moving away from the Cyclades complex and going to the East, choose Lemnos for its 17-acre desert, Ammothines, if you're looking for an unforgettable adventure, or choose Symi for its scenic traditional colorful capital, Gialós.

On the other hand, if you want to make everybody jealous of your destination elopement, choose the famous “Mamma Mia” church (Agios Ioannis) on top of Kastri hill on Skopelos island.

Zakynthos (Zante)


The Ionian Islands

If the Cyclades complex sounds too mainstream, you could turn to the West and choose among the “sapphire” islands of the Ionian Sea. Kerkyra (Corfu), Zakynthos (Zante), and Kefalonia, with breathtaking sea caves, crystal clear waters, and impressive natural beauty, are very popular among the Greeks and the Italians, who used to rule the Eptanisa island complex for several decades in the past. Ithaca, home of the infamous Odysseus, is another stunningly beautiful island of Eptanisa, full of olive orchards and deep blue waters, ideal for a most relaxing vacation and a more intimate wedding. 



Crete is the ideal choice for those who love lush Mediterranean flavors, warm hospitality, and hundreds of amazing sights. The biggest island of Greece has 4 main towns, 2 airports, and is a top wedding destination mostly for large-scale fiestas. Crete has it all: golden beaches, high mountains, hidden lakes, medieval monasteries and so many wonderful people that will do everything to assure you’ll have the time of your life. We’ve lived in Crete for several years, so we know all the great spots that most tourists don’t ever visit –ask us for elopement recommendations, we’ll be glad to help!





The mainland

If you consider eloping on a tighter budget or you’re a fan of rocky mountains rather than the sea, don’t you worry, Greece’s mainland never disappoints. It doesn’t matter if you’re Greek orthodox or not, the monasteries of Meteora in central Greece are a one-of-a-kind spectacle and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that anyone can visit. The six monasteries are built on immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders that dominate the local area and will leave you enchanted. Our photographer’s hometown, Trikala, is only a few kilometers away from Meteora, so he guarantees to have the Meteora experience as a local!

Going North, the second biggest city of Greece, Thessaloniki, is one of the most beautiful cities looking to the Aegean sea, with astoundingly tasteful cuisine, rich history, lively neighborhoods, the most friendly and hospitable people, and it is also where I come from! If you prefer a sandy beach and not the urban scenery, I would recommend visiting Halkidiki and its 3 peninsulas, located only an hour from the city, offering an abundance of beautiful secluded coves and bays to wed.

Moving to the South, the charming medieval castle-town of Monemvasia located on a small island attached to the eastern coast of Peloponnese is yet another unique destination for weddings and elopements. With cobblestone streets, Venetian and Ottoman markets, and majestic stone mansions, this town is the perfect romantic choice to live your own fairytale.

Let's not forget where the Greek heart is beating, right in its capital, Athens. Whether you are a fan of history and you want a photo shooting on the Acropolis hill among ancient ruins, or you love some more blue and green of the cosmopolitan Athenian Riviera's endless coast, lively Athens won't let anyone down. This is where we are based, so trust us to take you to the best spots to celebrate your love and take amazing pictures!


We could go on and on about the beauties of Greece, but we’ll let you do your own research and discover the perfect elopement spot for you. Visit the following websites to get all useful information about how to get here, where to stay, and what to see:,, You can get informed here about the current traveling restrictions to Greece due to Covid. Contact us to learn about our discounted packages for destination weddings and elopements wedding seasons 2021-2022 or simply to ask us anything about your destination event. Can’t wait to photograph your love story!

words by Marion